Answers for sliding 49ers already on team: Kyle Shanahan

Answers for sliding 49ers already on team: Kyle Shanahan

The Kansas City Chiefs had just beaten them soundly at Levi’s Stadium, causing their record to drop to 3-4 for the season. However, the solution to the team’s problems was already within the organization. The San Francisco 49ers had recently acquired running back Christian McCaffrey in a blockbuster trade a couple of days earlier, hoping that he could ignite a second-half resurgence. McCaffrey indeed made a significant impact, and the Niners went on to secure 10 consecutive wins to finish the season and earned a spot in the NFC Championship Game.

A little over a year later, the San Francisco 49ers are in a better position in terms of their record, but they are facing a sense of urgency to address their recent struggles following a 31-17 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite a strong 5-0 start to the season, the Niners have now suffered their third consecutive loss, bringing their record to 5-3 and pushing them out of the top spot in the NFC West division.

While the 49ers are expected to actively seek external assistance as the NFL trade deadline approaches, head coach Kyle Shanahan emphasized that they shouldn’t expect another player of Christian McCaffrey’s caliber to join the team. Therefore, the primary focus will be on internal improvement, and the team will start this process with a period of self-reflection during the bye week before their next game against the Jacksonville Jaguars on November 12.

Answers for sliding 49ers already on team: Kyle Shanahan

Head coach Kyle Shanahan expressed that despite the recent struggles and losses, there won’t be any changes in their approach to the trade deadline. He believes that the solutions to their problems lie within the team. Shanahan has confidence in the quality of the players and coaches in the organization.

He acknowledges that there are issues that have become apparent in the past few weeks, but he is determined to address them and push the team to improve in every aspect. He emphasized the need to continue working towards finding solutions, as he believes they already have the answers within the team, and they won’t rely on hope to overcome their challenges

The recent loss to the Bengals marked the San Francisco 49ers’ first three-game losing streak since the 2021 season. This disappointing result follows an impressive stretch where they had achieved 15 consecutive regular-season victories, which tied a franchise record. At the beginning of this season, the Niners had been unstoppable, winning their first five games by an average margin of 19.8 points per game.

Despite their early-season dominance, head coach Kyle Shanahan had been hinting at the mistakes his team was making. These errors had been concealed by their ability to secure large leads. Some of the issues included penalties and difficulties in the red zone. However, the Niners had been compensating for these problems by producing significant offensive plays (ranking sixth in the NFL with 21 plays of 20-plus yards) and limiting their opponents on defense (allowing the fewest 20-plus yard plays in the NFL with just 10). They had also excelled in the turnover battle, boasting a plus-7 turnover differential with only two giveaways, the lowest in the league.

Over the past three weeks, the San Francisco 49ers have experienced a significant shift in the opposite direction across several key statistical categories. During this period, the Niners have been outscored by an average of 7 points per game and have been outgained by an average of 62 yards per game. They’ve also allowed 15 plays of 20-plus yards, which is the second-highest in the NFL over this timeframe.

Furthermore, the Niners have struggled with turnovers, giving the ball away seven times, which is tied for the fourth-highest in the league during this three-week span. Their turnover margin is minus-3, which is also tied for the fourth-worst performance in the NFL in that time.

After avoiding interceptions in the first five weeks, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy has thrown five interceptions in the past three games, with four of them occurring in the opponent’s territory. This string of mistakes has not only hindered the Niners’ passing game but has also limited their ability to run the ball effectively.

Tight end George Kittle emphasized the importance of winning the turnover battle, as the team has lost it in the past two weeks. He expressed the need for improved performance and a situation where the Niners can rely more on their running game and reduce their dependency on passing the ball.

Although the San Francisco 49ers have faced a range of issues in recent weeks, the unexpected struggles on the defensive front have been the most surprising. Historically, the Niners have consistently had one of the league’s top defenses. Even with a change in defensive coordinator from DeMeco Ryans to Steve Wilks, the team anticipated being a formidable defense that is difficult to score against this season.

The 49ers’ strong defensive performance during the first five weeks of the season has declined as they faced more challenging opponents and quarterbacks. They have allowed nearly 70 more passing yards per game, and opposing quarterbacks have a significantly higher QBR over the past three weeks. These problems, along with a pass rush that has struggled and a controversial blitz call in the previous week’s loss to the Minnesota Vikings, have raised questions about the team’s defensive coordinator, Steve Wilks. However, head coach Kyle Shanahan emphasized that the responsibility for the recent struggles is not solely on one individual.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan emphasized that the struggles the 49ers have faced are not the sole responsibility of one coach or one side of the ball. He expressed the need for improvement on both offense and defense, and he believes that everyone, including players and coaches, needs to perform better to address the team’s recent difficulties.”

The upcoming break will provide the San Francisco 49ers with the opportunity to recover from injuries like left tackle Trent Williams’ sprained right ankle and Deebo Samuel’s injured shoulder. While these recoveries will be beneficial, the team knows that their success in the next few games, which include matchups against Jacksonville, Tampa Bay, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Seattle once more, will depend on more than just healing. They will need to address their issues and improve their overall performance to make a successful run.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan emphasized the need for his team to use the upcoming 14-day break wisely. He believes that the players need to channel their frustration into motivation and return with a stronger focus and determination because the recent performance hasn’t met their expectations, and they need to do better in the upcoming games.”