Dead By Daylight Unveils Exciting Collaborations and New Projects for Anniversary Celebrations

Dead By Daylight Unveils Exciting Collaborations and New Projects for Anniversary Celebrations

Dead by Daylight continues to excel in the realm of collaborations, consistently introducing new and exciting additions to its roster. Just last year, BHVR delighted fans by adding Hollywood legend Nick Cage to the mix, followed by iconic characters from the Alien franchise, including the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley.

The collaboration with Iron Maiden and Slipknot further cemented the game’s reputation for diverse and thrilling content, particularly for those avid collectors of cosmetics. However, just when I thought they couldn’t possibly outdo themselves, a sneak peek at one of DBD’s upcoming chapters has once again left me eagerly anticipating what’s to come.

The forthcoming Dungeons and Dragons-themed chapter is undeniably impressive, but it’s the tantalizing teaser revealed during the horror game’s eighth anniversary broadcast that truly captured my attention. As the blood moon casts its eerie glow over the towering spires of a castle, the scene feels strangely familiar. The castle’s pointed turrets loom ominously against the crimson sky, towering over the desolate forest below. Suddenly, a cloaked figure emerges from the depths of the ruby-hued fog, its hand raised in a commanding gesture before transforming into a swarm of screeching bats. It’s unmistakably Castlevania, and the enigmatic figure is none other than Dracula himself. The revelation left me breathless, eagerly anticipating the thrilling adventures that await in this legendary collaboration.

It could be a play of shadows, but it seems like we’re witnessing a showdown reminiscent of Symphony of the Night’s Vlad versus the familiar dark-haired bloodsucker we’ve come to know from Netflix’s adaptation – a prospect that excites me greatly. Besides, as a fellow Scot, Graham McTavish’s voice is always a welcome addition.

More significantly, Dracula will mark DBD’s inaugural vampire killer. As someone with a slight obsession with vampires, I’ve been eagerly awaiting BHVR’s inclusion of a creature of the night in Dead by Daylight’s killer lineup – although I typically play as a survivor, as mastering the role of killer has eluded me thus far. However, that’s about to change.

As for survivors, no confirmations have been made yet (and we may not even receive any), but Alucard, Sypha, and Trevor would make excellent additions to the roster (Sypha being a personal favorite of mine). If we’re delving into the entire timeline, I’d even welcome Saint Germain – because who wouldn’t want Bill Nighy in DBD?

According to the trailer, we’ll receive further details about Dead by Daylight X Castlevania on Tuesday, August 6. Until then, we’ll need to hone our skills and gear up for the inevitable chaos that awaits.

If you’re eager to dive back into The Fog with these exciting new revelations, we’ve compiled a list of all the currently active DBD codes to assist you in earning some complimentary Bloodpoints and charms. Alternatively, if it’s the Castlevania segment that has piqued your interest, we also have a compilation of the top Metroidvania games available.

Expanding its repertoire of collaborations, the multiplayer survival horror game Dead By Daylight has unveiled its latest crossover ventures as part of the game’s ongoing anniversary festivities. With previous partnerships including the likes of Nicholas Cage, the upcoming Castlevania chapter promises to add another layer of excitement to the gameplay experience. Set to debut later this year, fans can anticipate further details about this intriguing collaboration on August 6th, 2024.

Alongside the Castlevania reveal, the developers have also teased other exciting updates, including a 2v8 mode slated for a late summer release. This latest wave of collaborations follows successful crossovers with renowned franchises like Alan Wake, Resident Evil, Stranger Things, and even Silent Hill.

In addition to the anticipated Castlevania chapter, the studio showcased other exciting developments during the anniversary event. The unveiling of the narrative spinoff, “The Casting of Frank Stone,” offers players a fresh storytelling experience within the Dead By Daylight universe. Meanwhile, the announcement of Project T, a new PvE shooter, promises to deliver thrilling gameplay for fans of the genre. Adding to the excitement, the reveal of “The Fog,” a co-op roguelite title for PC, adds yet another dimension to the studio’s diverse portfolio of projects.