Congressman: DOJ Attorney Committed ‘Severe’ Violation by Running for Loudoun School Board as a Democrat

Congressman: DOJ Attorney Committed ‘Severe’ Violation by Running for Loudoun School Board as a Democrat

On Tuesday, a congressman sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, urging him to dismiss a senior attorney for breaching nonpartisanship regulations by running as a Democrat for the Loudoun County School Board in today’s state election.

Anne Donahue is listed as a candidate in today’s Virginia election, openly representing the Democratic party, while simultaneously holding a position within the Department of Justice (DOJ). Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) has characterized this as a “serious Hatch Act violation.”

Donahue is seeking a position on one of the most highly politicized school boards in the country, seemingly without concerns about potential repercussions. Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) pointed out that her supervisor, Attorney General Garland, had issued a memo last year indicating that the DOJ would leverage its authority and resources to address incidents involving parents at school board meetings and “pursue legal action when deemed necessary.”

Loudoun County was specifically mentioned in the National School Boards Association’s letter as a basis for their actions. This letter equated the father of a rape victim, who was upset that Loudoun’s school system had concealed the rape, to a domestic terrorist.

Donahue appears to have implemented Garland’s message in her campaign. “On October 13, 2023, Ms. Donahue promoted a political event in collaboration with Red Win & Blue Virginia, a Democratic political organization, asking, ‘Are you fed up with individuals who claim to champion ‘Parents Rights’ and are aggressively opposing our children and public education?’ The Biden administration has utilized the Department of Justice against parents expressing concerns at school board meetings, even going so far as to label them as domestic terrorists,” Jackson stated in a letter prompted by an investigation by the Daily Wire.

Jackson informed The Daily Wire that Donahue seems to have the belief that she will be shielded from consequences. “It seems that there are no consequences for violating the Hatch Act if you are a Democrat advocating for the removal of parental rights in education,” Jackson remarked. “Donahue embodies liberal privilege and the widespread misuse of the Department of Justice. There’s little doubt that she will carry out the DOJ’s agenda if elected to a supposedly ‘nonpartisan’ school board position in a district known for promoting woke ideology.”

Jackson expressed his disapproval of Donahue’s characterization of “parents who advocate for their right to safeguard their children” as extremists. He remarked, “To make matters worse, she also received substantial financial contributions for her campaign from the Democratic Party of Virginia! This corrupt arrangement is concerning and needs to be halted,” he continued.

In his letter, he stated that Donahue has openly run as a Democrat for the supposedly ‘non-partisan’ At-Large position on the Loudoun County School Board, urging voters to join ‘us’ at a canvassing event in Leesburg in support of ‘…Democrats up and down the ticket!’ Furthermore, federal employees are prohibited from using government resources for partisan political activities, which includes government working hours, as per the Hatch Act. Nevertheless, on numerous occasions, Ms. Donahue’s political campaign Twitter account has been employed during regular business hours to ‘like’ and ‘repost’ partisan political events.

If Donahue emerges victorious in today’s election but later has her campaign deemed a Hatch Act violation, it will be yet another blemish on a school system that has frequently flouted regulations in the pursuit of political interests. This has reached its peak with the criminal conviction of the former superintendent.

It also undermines the credibility of the Department of Justice, as Jackson pointed out. “Federal employees leveraging their positions for political advantage erodes trust in our political system. I urge you to thoroughly investigate this issue and, if deemed necessary, promptly terminate Ms. Donahue’s employment,” Jackson wrote.

Donahue had previously served as a senior attorney in the Department of Justice’s National Security Division, where she was responsible for handling FISA warrants. These warrants were misused for partisan purposes to target individuals associated with Donald Trump.

A complaint has been lodged with the Office of Special Counsel, an agency that investigates Hatch Act violations, by a resident from the local area. The OSC has not responded to a request for comment.






( Source: Dailywire )