Jenna Bush Hager’s next pick for her Read With Jenna book club

Jenna Bush Hager’s next pick for her Read With Jenna book club

Jenna Bush Hager’s next pick for her Read With Jenna book club will transport you to the vibrant city of Singapore, just as the initial hints of winter begin to appear.

Jenna Bush Hager has selected “The Sun Sets in Singapore” by Kehinde Fadipe as her November book club pick. The novel is situated in the lively atmosphere of Singapore, where three Nigerian expatriates are striving to make the most of their lives.

Dara, Amaka, and Lillian, like many millennials, are in the process of discovering the real meaning of living their best lives.

Jenna Bush Hager describes the trio of women as relatable characters and highlights the novel’s capacity to make readers fall in love with Singapore while gaining greater compassion and understanding. She considers it a “dazzling debut novel.”

“The Sun Sets in Singapore” is set to be published on October 31, and Jenna is eager for readers to dive into the book.

Jenna Bush Hager's next pick for her Read With Jenna book club






She finds the story of three best friends, each navigating different life stages despite being the same age, highly relevant for women today. Jenna particularly appreciates the novel’s exploration of themes such as friendship, the support systems we rely on, female ambition, and the factors that shape our identities.

The seemingly luxurious lives of the three women in Singapore take an unexpected turn when a charismatic newcomer arrives in the Lion City, as shared by Fadipe in an interview with

The book explores the lives of three Black women in Singapore, showcasing their #BlackGirlMagic externally, while they are each trying to escape their pasts. However, the arrival of a handsome and enigmatic man in Singapore brings chaos to each woman’s life in unique ways, ultimately compelling them to confront the very issues they were trying to evade.

Fadipe, a British actor, teacher, and writer residing in Singapore for a decade, conceived the idea for the book following the completion of her initial manuscript, which she characterizes as “dark and heavy.” After the birth of her first child, Fadipe sought a more enjoyable writing project and committed to publishing a mini chapter each week on her blog, drawing inspiration from various individuals she encountered in Singapore.

“At that time, I didn’t have any grand plans. I just wanted something light, and when I knew I wanted to write about the many different Black women I was meeting here, as well as characters in general,” she says.

Fadipe reveals that the first three chapters of “The Sun Sets in Singapore” closely resemble her original blog posts, and she had the story’s narrative arc in mind when she began writing it seven years ago.

“How do you move on to the next stage of life if, A: you’re on the wrong path to begin with, or B: maybe you’re on the right path, but the very things that helped you do well are the things that are holding you back now?” she shares about the storyline.

“I think each character is stuck in some way, and to move forward, she has to address the things that have been holding her back — but sometimes those are the very things that have propelled them forward,” she adds.

Fadipe also expresses her hopes for what her readers will contemplate after finishing her debut novel.

“I hope that people ask themselves if there’s space for more literature about the Black diaspora,” she says. “I hope people ask themselves, ‘Why haven’t I read more books about Black men and women in this country or that country or this country?’ And I hope that people ask for more of that.”

Regarding her selection as the next Read With Jenna author, Fadipe admits she hasn’t fully processed it and calls the moment “surreal.”

“What’s really exciting is the possibility of being read by lots of people who wouldn’t have read it otherwise,” she says. “Honestly, just having the book published was it, so anything after that is like sprinkles. But this is like gold-dusted sprinkles — edible gold sprinkles.”