Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE

Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE : Outcome and response as City secure Super Cup victory through a penalty shootout.


Manchester City is back in action this midweek, facing Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup tonight. Pep Guardiola’s team emerged victorious in the Champions League final against Inter Milan in June, securing a treble in the process. This accomplishment has led them to this unique match against the Europa League champions.

Sevilla stands as City’s opponents for the evening, having once again clinched the Europa League title by defeating Jose Mourinho’s Roma. They possess significant experience in Super Cup matches, although they’ve lost four out of the last nine seasons. Conversely, this game marks City’s inaugural appearance in the Super Cup.

Having suffered a penalty shootout loss to Arsenal in the Community Shield at Wembley just ten days ago, the Champions League winners now have their second opportunity in three games to claim a piece of silverware. In the meantime, they kicked off their Premier League season in style with a convincing 3-0 victory over Burnley. Their aim is to return to Manchester with yet another trophy added to their achievements.

Stay updated on all the action and discover the latest odds as Manchester City goes head-to-head with Sevilla in the Super Cup.

Manchester City vs Sevilla

Manchester City secures the Super Cup through a penalty shootout victory, as Nemanja Gudelj misses a crucial spot kick.

The Super Cup is contested between the current Champions League winners and the Europa League champions.

  • FULL TIME – The match concludes 1-1 and is ultimately decided by a penalty shootout.
  • 63’ GOAL! – Palmer connects with Rodri’s cross and levels the score for City (MCI 1-1 SEV).
  • 50’ CHANCE! – En-Nesyri mishits a promising opportunity into the hands of Ederson (MCI 0-1 SEV).
  • 30’ CHANCE! – Lamela drives a shot across the goal but fails to find the target (MCI 0-1 SEV).
  • 25’ GOAL! – En-Nesyri rises above and heads Sevilla into the lead (MCI 0-1 SEV).
  • 9’ SAVE! – Bono pushes Ake’s header wide of the goal (MCI 0-0 SEV).


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 5-4 Sevilla

Time: 22:08, Referee: Mike Jones

Nemanja Gudelj cannot afford to miss. The center-back opts for power and thunders his penalty off the crossbar!

He has failed, and Manchester City emerges as the victors of the Super Cup!


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 5-4 Sevilla
Time: 22:07, Referee: Mike Jones

Leading Manchester City as captain for the evening, Kyle Walker steps up for their ultimate penalty. He aims low, and though Bono manages to touch the ball with his hand, it slips under his arm and crosses the line!


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 4-4 Sevilla
Time: 22:06, Referee: Mike Jones

Gonzalo Montiel elegantly slots a side-footed penalty into the back of the net as well! This shootout is showcasing some excellent penalties.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 4-3 Sevilla
Time: 22:06, Referee: Mike Jones

Now, it’s Jack Grealish’s turn. With a calculated and masterfully taken penalty down the center, Grealish finds the mark and scores!


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 3-3 Sevilla
Time: 22:05, Referee: Mike Jones

Ivan Rakitic steps up for Sevilla. The trend of flawless penalties continues as Rakitic hammers the ball into the left-hand side netting.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 3-2 Sevilla
Time: 22:04, Referee: Mike Jones

Mateo Kovacic takes the stage for City. Fooling the keeper, he calmly slots it into the bottom left corner.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 2-2 Sevilla
Time: 22:03, Referee: Mike Jones

Rafa Mir, despite minimal involvement in the game, targets the same spot as Alvarez and drills it in.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 2-1 Sevilla
Time: 22:03, Referee: Mike Jones

Argentinian Julian Alvarez is up next. He hammers the ball into the top right-hand corner with precision. An exquisite penalty.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 22:02, Referee: Mike Jones

Lucas Ocampos, Sevilla’s standout performer, takes the first penalty. Sprinting to the ball, he sends it to Ederson’s left after the goalkeeper moves the wrong way.


Penalty Shootout: Manchester City 1-0 Sevilla
Time: 22:01, Referee: Mike Jones

Manchester City claims the initiative for the first penalty, with Erling Haaland stepping up.

Haaland takes on Bono… and scores! City takes the lead.

Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE

Full-time! Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:56, Referee: Mike Jones

90+4 mins: It’s penalty time!

The outcome of the 2023 Super Cup will be determined through a penalty shootout. Sevilla initially secured the lead in the first half with Youssef En-Nesyri’s goal, but Manchester City stepped up their pace, finding an equalizer courtesy of Cole Palmer in the second half.

Sevilla successfully held City off, leading the Super Cup to be settled by penalties.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:54, Referee: Mike Jones

90+2 mins: As Sevilla substitutes Erik Lamela and Youssef En-Nesyri with Suso and Rafa Mir, they’re using up more time on the clock. Will the Europa League champions take Manchester City to penalties?


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:52, Referee: Mike Jones

90 mins: Josko Gvardiol is fouled by Juanlu on the left side, granting Manchester City a dangerous free kick. Phil Foden delivers it to the far post, where Nathan Ake’s header is met by Bono’s palm, pushing it over the crossbar!

Four minutes of added time announced.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:48, Referee: Mike Jones

87 mins: Julian Alvarez makes his entrance, substituting Cole Palmer, who has been Manchester City’s most prominent attacking force tonight. Alvarez’s performance might provide Pep Guardiola with key insights for the upcoming Premier League match.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:45, Referee: Mike Jones

84 mins: Jesus Navas leaves the field, replaced by Gonzalo Montiel for the final moments. While Julian Alvarez waits to come on, play continues.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:42, Referee: Mike Jones

81 mins: In the last ten minutes, Sevilla clings to their position. Manchester City’s mounting pressure aims to secure victory without the need for penalties. Julian Alvarez readies on the sidelines for a potential substitution.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:41, Referee: Mike Jones

78 mins: Cole Palmer requests the ball on the right flank and receives it. Seeking Jack Grealish at the back post, the ball is deflected away. Erling Haaland and Mateo Kovacic combine inside the box, with Bono saving Haaland’s shot. City keeps the pressure on, but Bono denies Phil Foden by flicking his shot aside with a hand.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:36, Referee: Mike Jones

75 mins: A reminder for those unaware: if the match remains level after 90 minutes (including stoppage time), it will proceed to a penalty shootout without extra time. This adds extra suspense as City strives for a decisive goal. Fifteen minutes remain.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:32, Referee: Mike Jones

72 mins: During the second drinks break, Sevilla substitutes Oliver Torres for Juanlu Sanchez, their first change of the match.


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:31, Referee: Mike Jones

69 mins: Opportunity! Lucas Ocampos loses possession deep within his own half, allowing Cole Palmer to gain possession. The City scorer enters the box, outmaneuvers a defender, and curls a shot toward goal. Bono deflects it wide of the far post!


Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:30, Referee: Mike Jones

66 mins: Manchester City’s fans raise their volume, urging their team forward with chants and songs. City’s energy has surged since the equalizer, and they aim to secure another goal.


GOAL! Manchester City 1-1 Sevilla (Palmer, 63’)
Time: 21:25, Referee: Mike Jones

63 mins: Manchester City levels the score!

Rodri gathers the ball near the front edge of the box, delivering a high cross to the back post. Cole Palmer calls to Erling Haaland, surging through the lines to meet the ball. He leaps unopposed, nodding it beyond Bono to the far bottom corner!


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:22, Referee: Mike Jones

60 mins: Sevilla presses forward. Jesus Navas surges down the right flank, slipping a delicate pass into the center. Youssef En-Nesyri positions himself, but a deflection off Kyle Walker directs the ball to Ederson, who collects it.


Second Half! Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 21:07, Referee: Mike Jones

Sevilla resumes the match in Athens, having 45 minutes to hold on and win the UEFA Super Cup.


Half-time: Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:58, Referee: Mike Jones

According to statistics, Manchester City dominated the first half. They enjoyed 76% possession compared to Sevilla’s 24%, generating nine attempts at goal with three on target.

In contrast, Sevilla managed four attempts, scoring with their sole shot on target.


Half-time! Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:50, Referee: Mike Jones

45+3 mins: Manchester City intensifies their efforts just before the half-time whistle. Jack Grealish sends a curving pass into the six-yard box, where a couple of blue shirts attempt to reach it. However, the ball evades them and goes out for a goal kick.

The referee blows the whistle, bringing the first half to an end. City faces a deficit of one goal to nil.


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:47, Referee: Mike Jones

45 mins: Jack Grealish is fouled on the left wing, affording City another opportunity to launch the ball into the penalty area. The delivery reaches Nathan Ake, who heads it down under pressure.

Manuel Akanji seizes the chance and swivels into a shot that gets blocked and cleared away.

Three minutes of added time are indicated at the end of the first half.


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:43, Referee: Mike Jones

42 mins: Jack Grealish takes the next free kick for City, curling the ball around the wall. However, Bono collects the ball without much difficulty, punching it away.


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:43, Referee: Mike Jones

39 mins: City wins consecutive corners, with Rodri’s header from the first one deflected out of play. Phil Foden takes the following set piece, finding Rodri once more. This time, Rodri is fouled just outside the area.

A free kick is awarded to Manchester City.


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:40, Referee: Mike Jones

36 mins: Cole Palmer maneuvers the ball down the right wing for Manchester City and delivers a lofted pass into the box. Manuel Akanji receives the ball and chests it down ahead of Nemanja Gudelj.

Akanji drifts wider, takes a shot, and sees it deflected out of play for a corner.


Manchester City 0-1 Sevilla
Time: 20:35, Referee: Mike Jones

33 mins: Almost there!

Lucas Ocampos receives the ball, twists, and advances through the center. He then delivers a pass to Marcos Acuna on the flank, who sends in a precise cross. Youssef En-Nesyri moves ahead of Josko Gvardiol and leaps above Nathan Ake.

The striker wins the header, nodding it into the near bottom corner, leaving Ederson no chance to stop it!


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:28, Referee: Mike Jones

25 mins: The stalemate is broken! Lucas Ocampos receives a threaded pass, maneuvers through the midfield, and dispatches a pass wide to Marcos Acuna. Acuna delivers an excellent cross into the box, where Youssef En-Nesyri outpaces Josko Gvardiol and outjumps Nathan Ake.

En-Nesyri wins the header, directing it into the near bottom corner, leaving Ederson with no chance to save it!


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:24, Referee: Mike Jones

21 mins: Jesus Navas attempts a diagonal pass up the pitch, accidentally striking Mateo Kovacic in the face while closing down the ball.

Kovacic sustains a heavy hit, appearing dazed and requiring a moment to recover. The referee signals for the teams to take the first drinks break due to the heat.


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:21, Referee: Mike Jones

18 mins: Close! Jack Grealish becomes involved in the action, embarking on a characteristic move from the left wing. He approaches the box, cuts inside, and fires a shot from just inside the area. However, Bono parries the attempt.


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:18, Referee: Mike Jones

15 mins: Super Cup matches often exhibit a pre-season quality, with reduced intensity and players refraining from risky challenges. This game follows that pattern. Sevilla regains possession and initiates play from the back. City shows no urgency to press and recovers the ball when Youssef En-Nesyri is flagged offside.


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:16, Referee: Mike Jones

12 mins: A stoppage in each half has been scheduled for a drinks break due to the high temperature, providing players with a chance to rehydrate. It’s a smart decision given the sweltering conditions.

Oliver Torres thinks he has an opportunity to break through the City defense, but the assistant referee’s flag signals an offside, causing him to kick the ball in frustration.


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:10, Referee: Mike Jones

9 mins: Shot! Cole Palmer produces Manchester City’s first significant chance of the night with a powerful attempt from outside the box. His shot is on target, but Yassine Bounou (Bono) holds onto the ball.

Save! City regains possession and earns a corner. Palmer delivers the corner, finding Nathan Ake, who heads the ball toward the ground.

The bounce is comfortable for Bono, who leans to the left and saves the effort!


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:09, Referee: Mike Jones

6 mins: Sevilla makes a decent start. Having lost the last four Super Cup matches, the Spanish team aims for a different outcome tonight. Jesus Navas delivers a cross from the right, aiming for Oliver Torres, who attempts a bicycle kick. He misses the ball, allowing Ederson to collect it.


Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:07, Referee: Mike Jones

3 mins: Manuel Akanji loses possession while attempting to carry the ball through midfield. Sevilla passes the ball to Erik Lamela, who shoots from 20 yards but sends the effort well wide of the target. Ederson remains untroubled.


Kick-off! Manchester City 0-0 Sevilla
Time: 20:03, Referee: Mike Jones

With the temperature exceeding 30 degrees Celsius in Athens for most of the day, the match begins as Manchester City kicks off. Josko Gvardiol, making his first start since joining the Champions League winners, handles the opening moments.


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:57, Referee: Mike Jones

The teams make their entrance!

Kyle Walker leads Manchester City onto the field, holding the Champions League trophy. In the absence of Kevin De Bruyne, Walker captains the team. Will he be lifting another trophy for City by the end of the night?

Kick-off in Athens is imminent…


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:50, Referee: Mike Jones

Manchester City has won all four previous encounters with Sevilla, each taking place in the Champions League. These matches have seen a total score of 12-3 in City’s favor.


Pep Guardiola holds a notable record in Super Cup finals. Whenever he has managed a team in the final, he has emerged victorious, achieving this feat with Barcelona in 2009 and 2011, and with Bayern Munich in 2013.

Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:45, Referee: Mike Jones

Sevilla has experienced four losses in their previous seven encounters with English teams in all European competitions (won two, drawn one). This statistic matches the number of losses they accumulated in their initial 18 such matches (eight wins, six draws, four losses). Notably, they secured a 3-0 victory against Manchester United in their most recent match against an English side.

Super Cup is crucial to Man City’s season but it’s not about the trophy
Time: 19:40, Author: Mike Jones

Manchester City finds itself in an unprecedented era of triumph. Pep Guardiola has often been understandably annoyed by premature discussions of trebles and quadruples in previous seasons. However, his team has now ensured that the notion of a septuple is off the table, following their penalty shootout loss in the Community Shield.

For the fourth time in five matches, City is vying for a trophy as they step onto the field in Piraeus this evening. This historical location was once the chief port of ancient Greece, through which spoils of victory frequently passed.

Having become the 23rd club to claim the Champions League, City now has the opportunity to become the 25th club to lift the UEFA Super Cup. The list of previous winners is diverse, and City’s aspiration today is not to replicate the achievements of Mechelen or Aberdeen, nor to match Zenit St. Petersburg. One might argue that it mirrors the pinnacle of Sir Alex Ferguson’s Aberdeen, who triumphed over Bayern Munich en route to the Cup Winners’ Cup final, followed by victories against Real Madrid in the final, and European Cup winners Hamburg in the Super Cup.

Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE

Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:35, Referee: Mike Jones

Manchester City holds an unbeaten record in their last 13 matches across all European competitions, with eight victories and five draws. This ongoing streak constitutes their longest period of continuous success.

Furthermore, Manchester City has suffered only one defeat in their previous 11 encounters with Spanish opponents, securing eight wins and two draws.


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:30, Referee: Mike Jones

Sevilla has established itself as the team with the most Super Cup runner-up finishes. Despite clinching victory in their inaugural appearance in 2006, they have subsequently encountered defeat in all five of their subsequent showings: 2007, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2020.

Kevin De Bruyne facing up to four months out and may require surgery

Time: 19:25, Author: Mike Jones

Pep Guardiola has revealed that Manchester City’s star player, Kevin De Bruyne, is confronting the possibility of an absence lasting up to four months due to a hamstring injury. Surgery may also be necessary to address this concern.

De Bruyne, aged 32, was substituted off during the first half of the Champions League final victory against Inter Milan in June. He missed the entire pre-season due to this hamstring issue. De Bruyne made a return from the injury as a second-half substitute in the Community Shield match, which ended in a shootout loss to Arsenal. He subsequently captained the team in their Premier League opener against Burnley on Friday.

Manchester City vs. Sevilla LIVE

Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:20, Referee: Mike Jones

Manchester City will be without Kevin De Bruyne for tonight’s match, as Pep Guardiola confirmed that the midfielder is facing a potential absence of up to four months due to a hamstring injury. Portugal defender Ruben Dias is also unavailable after sustaining a head injury in training. England centre-back John Stones has a hip injury but might be fit to play against Newcastle United in the Premier League on Sunday.


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:15, Referee: Mike Jones

Man City midfielder Rodri emphasizes the team’s strong desire to win every trophy they compete for, as they get ready to face Sevilla in the Uefa Super Cup. Despite a defeat to Arsenal in the Community Shield, the Champions League winners are determined to seize another opportunity to secure their first trophy of the season tonight. Rodri expresses the importance of approaching the game with the same hunger that has been evident in their previous finals.


Manchester City vs Sevilla Team Changes
Time: 19:10, Referee: Mike Jones

Josko Gvardiol is given his first start for Manchester City since joining in the summer, as Pep Guardiola makes four changes from their 3-0 victory against Burnley. Cole Palmer, Mateo Kovacic, and Jack Grealish also enter the lineup, with Kevin De Bruyne sidelined due to a hamstring injury suffered in the previous match. Sevilla manager Jose Luis Mendilibar makes two changes from their recent 2-1 loss against Valencia in La Liga, with Fernando and Suso being replaced by Joan Jordan and Oliver Torres.


Manchester City vs Sevilla Line-ups
Time: 19:05, Referee: Mike Jones

Here are the confirmed line-ups for tonight’s match:

Manchester City XI: Ederson, Walker, Akanji, Gvardiol, Ake, Rodri, Kovacic, Foden, Palmer, Grealish, Haaland

Sevilla XI: Bono, Navas, Bade, Gudelj, Acuna, Jordan, Rakitic, Torres, Ocampos, Lamela, En-Nesyri


Manchester City vs Sevilla
Time: 19:01, Referee: Mike Jones

Good evening and welcome to The Independent’s coverage of the Uefa Super Cup, featuring the matchup between Manchester City and Sevilla in Athens.

The Champions League winners have an opportunity to add more silverware to their collection as they face off against the Europa League champions in this one-off clash.

This marks Manchester City’s debut appearance in the Super Cup, and they’ll be facing a determined Sevilla side that has experienced four losses in the last nine editions of this match.

After missing out on securing the Community Shield just 10 days ago, Manchester City aims to secure another piece of silverware before returning their focus to the Premier League.

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