Montana Millionaire Lottery Adds 100,000 Sold Out in 30 Hours Tickets After 2022

Montana Millionaire Lottery Adds 100,000 Sold Out in 30 Hours Tickets After 2022

The Montana Millionaire lottery is set to begin, with ticket sales starting at 5:30 a.m. this Wednesday. If you wish to participate, it’s essential to purchase your tickets promptly.

The Montana Millionaire lottery has become one of the most eagerly awaited gambling events in Montana. Restricted to ticket sales within the state, this sale has evolved into the primary event for the Montana Lottery, the state-run organization responsible for overseeing and regulating lottery gaming in Montana.

Last year, 280,000 tickets for the Montana Millionaire lottery were released for sale at 5:30 a.m. on November 1, and they were completely sold out within just 30 hours. If you didn’t happen to stop by your local convenience store for a refill or a snack on Tuesday morning, you likely missed the opportunity to obtain a ticket.

This year, the Montana Lottery has included an additional 100,000 tickets in the sale, responding to a demand that wasn’t foreseen just a year ago.

Dan Iverson, spokesperson for the Montana Lottery, mentioned, “Last year, it became evident that more people wanted to participate. I heard many instances where people thought they’d have ample time to purchase a ticket the next day, only to find they ran out of time.”

The Montana Lottery has a modest origin. It was initially proposed by Montana State Rep. Bob Pavlovich and Sen. Lawrence Stimatz in 1985 but faced opposition from a majority within the state Legislature.

Montanans had to wait for more than a year, until November 4, 1986, to vote on a citizens’ initiative to establish a lottery. When the vote took place, the results were clear-cut. The referendum passed in all 56 counties, with 69% of the popular vote in favor. The first lottery tickets were sold on June 24, 1987, with a record 1.1 million tickets sold on the first day of sales.

Montana Millionaire Lottery Adds 100,000 Sold Out in 30 Hours Tickets After 2022

According to state law, 45% of all state lottery proceeds are allocated to the state’s general fund. Montana Lottery estimates that since 1987, they have contributed $320 million to the state’s general fund, after accounting for operational costs.

Conversely, Montana Millionaire participants have received nearly $900 million in prizes over the last 35 years. A year ago, when the tickets sold out within a day and a half, the Montana Lottery faced a decision regarding how many tickets to sell in the following year.

“We decided to add a lot more tickets because if we sold the extra 100,000 that we’re doing this year that would be enough for us to offer that third $1 million grand prize,” said Dan Iverson. A total of 380,000 tickets for the Montana Millionaire lottery will be available for sale at convenience and grocery stores beginning Wednesday.

Iverson mentioned that Montana Millionaire has become one of the most successful lottery game platforms in the region, and other states are now looking to Montana for inspiration.

“A lot of other states are still trying to figure out how to sell out their raffle games, even games that have been around as long as ours,” Iverson said. “They’ve never sold out, and here in Montana, we’re trying to figure out how to make ours last longer. With these extra 100,000 tickets, we have some guesses here in the office about how much longer they’ll last. Will it be a couple of days, or will they sell out in just a few more hours?”

“At this point, we don’t invest in any paid media advertising for the game because it practically promotes itself,” Iverson mentioned regarding promotions. “We’re making a concerted effort to be very clear about getting the message out. Tickets go on sale at 5:30 a.m., and we want to ensure there’s no confusion. If you want to play, we strongly encourage you to get your tickets in the first day or two if possible.”

Montana Millionaire Lottery Adds 100,000 Sold Out in 30 Hours Tickets After 2022

The reasons behind the success of the Montana Millionaire lottery are open to speculation.

“We aim to offer games to cater to various preferences in our portfolio,” Iverson explained. “Some people seek the opportunity to win substantial sums of money, while others prefer better odds of winning. I believe Montana Millionaire strikes a favorable balance in this regard. Among all our games, it provides the best odds of winning $1 million, and it’s exclusively available in Montana. There’s also an element of state pride associated with it.”

The Montana Millionaire lottery was initially conceived as a festive event, aligned with the holiday season.

“It was originally envisioned as a holiday game, and that’s how it remained for several years,” Iverson elaborated. “It was popular as a gift for Christmas. That’s why we still hold the drawing on December 26, as it’s often given as a holiday gift. While we haven’t seriously considered changing the date, we have contemplated how to brand it, as it tends to sell out in November.”

Iverson also encourages ticket buyers to keep an eye on the lottery results. Just last year, one of the two $1 million prizes went unclaimed. That money was returned to the Montana State General Fund.

“Last year, we had one of the two prizes go unclaimed because the winner never came forward,” Iverson stated. “That’s not what we want to see. There’s a six-month claim period, after which the ticket expires. If that happens, the claim goes back to the state. It doesn’t return to operating revenue; it’s redirected back to the state, primarily the general fund.”

It’s not the outcome you’d want for New Year’s Eve. So, if you’re hoping for an unexpected Christmas gift this season, it’s advisable to visit your local convenience store as soon as possible.