Recall of Toyota RAV4: More than 1.8 million SUVs called back due to a battery problem posing a fire hazard.

Recall of Toyota RAV4: More than 1.8 million SUVs called back due to a battery problem posing a fire hazard.

In a move aimed at ensuring the safety of their customers, Toyota has issued a recall for over 1.8 million RAV4 SUVs due to a concerning battery issue that poses a fire risk. This recall underscores the automotive giant’s commitment to addressing potential safety concerns promptly and responsibly.

The recall specifically affects certain RAV4 models from the 2019 to 2022 production years. Toyota has identified a potential defect in the battery components of these vehicles, which, under certain conditions, could lead to a short circuit. This, in turn, raises the risk of a fire breaking out.

The safety of customers and the general public is paramount for Toyota, and this recall is a precautionary measure to eliminate any potential hazards. Owners of the affected RAV4 models are urged to contact their nearest Toyota dealership to schedule an inspection and necessary repairs, all of which will be conducted at no cost.

It’s important to note that Toyota’s swift response to this issue is in accordance with their commitment to safety and compliance with regulatory standards. While recalls can be concerning, they serve as a testament to the rigorous quality control and safety processes within the automotive industry.

This recall also serves as a reminder of the significance of timely vehicle maintenance and the importance of addressing safety concerns promptly. Vehicle owners are encouraged to stay informed about recalls and act accordingly to ensure their safety on the road.

For Toyota RAV4 owners affected by this recall, the message is clear: your safety is of paramount importance, and Toyota is committed to rectifying the issue promptly. This recall reaffirms Toyota’s dedication to quality and safety, and it is a step toward maintaining the trust and confidence of their valued customers.

RAV4 SUV owners don’t need to wait for a notification from Toyota to find out if their vehicle is included in the recall. They can visit and enter their vehicle identification number to check if their vehicle is part of the recall process.

To check if your Toyota vehicle has been recalled, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): You can typically find your VIN on your vehicle’s registration, insurance documents, or on the driver’s side of the dashboard near the windshield. It may also be on the driver-side door frame or the vehicle’s engine block.
  2. Visit the Toyota Recall Website: Go to Toyota’s official recall website. Lookup Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns (
  3. Enter Your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN): On the recall webpage, you’ll find a place to enter your VIN. Input the VIN for your Toyota vehicle accurately.
  4. Check for Recalls: After entering your VIN, the website will provide information about any recalls associated with your vehicle. If there are any recalls, the site will give details about the issue and what steps you should take.
  5. Contact Your Dealership: If your vehicle is part of a recall, the website will typically instruct you to contact your nearest Toyota dealership. They will provide information on how to schedule the necessary repairs or replacements.

Checking for recalls is an important safety measure to ensure that your vehicle is in proper working condition. If you have any concerns or questions, it’s always best to reach out to your local Toyota dealership for further assistance.

Toyota is conducting a safety recall of approximately 1,854,000 Toyota RAV4 SUVs in the United States due to a battery issue that poses a fire risk.

The recall pertains to models from 2013 to 2018 that have 12-volt batteries with smaller top dimensions. The problem occurs when the hold-down clamp isn’t correctly tightened, and the SUV experiences forceful turns. In such cases, the battery may shift, potentially causing a short circuit and increasing the risk of a fire.

Toyota is actively working on a remedy for this issue. Once a solution is available, authorized dealers will replace the hold-down clamp, battery tray, and positive terminal cover with improved components at no cost to the vehicle owners.

Toyota intends to notify affected customers by the end of the year. This recall follows another recent one where Toyota recalled 751,000 Toyota Highlander and Highlander Hybrid vehicles from the 2020-2023 model years due to concerns about mounting tabs on the vehicles’ bumpers, which could lead to parts detaching.